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Artech's business model pursues operational and strategic direction in the form of sustainable and continuous growth. The lack of structure in the industry notwithstanding, Artech is nurturing its business around five guiding principles that characterize the company's operational approach.

Strategic Client Partnerships

Sustainable growth feeds on incremental value provided not only at transactional level but more so at strategic level. Artech pursues preferred vendor partnerships while working with clients. These partnerships have yielded fruitful results for Artech in terms of working relationships as well as repeat and referred business. Artech enjoys preferred vendor (of IT services) status with several of its Fortune 500 clients such as AT&T Wireless, Bechtel Communications, WorldCom, GE, Intel, Prudential Financial, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline et al

Minimizing Transaction Cost

Artech strives to keep transaction cost at a minimum by discouraging multiple players for any transaction. This not only ensures quality in its deliverables but also maintains high and adequate control with the business. This practice has contributed positively to the company's business not only in terms of revenue but also in terms of client value and client appreciation.

Optimizing Costs of Delivery

Artech has worked over the years to optimize the costs of delivery by building a lean and flat organization structure. This structure pursues efficiency of operations by keeping operational costs at a minimum, rewarding effectiveness of solution and its delivery, technical competence, decision-making and focus on client satisfaction. The lean organization structure also ensures faster turnaround time thereby optimizing and balancing quality, cost and timeline.

Flexibility in structure to nurture creativity and innovation

Continuous growth is a byproduct of creativity and innovation. Artech has created a flexible operational structure that encourages and nurtures creativity in the company's services and its service offerings. Furthermore, the company's commitment to raising the bar on service levels thereby ensuring a high quality customer experience continuously demands creative ways to address our clients' issues and problems. Combine this with innovation and the business insures riding the waves of business cycles. Artech's business model leans on innovation to create an environment of all round creativity that allows the company's clients to experience unparalleled levels of service.

Continuity of Operations

Artech's operating principles are built to ensure operational continuity amidst both normal and abnormal circumstances. Artech's day-to-day operations are regularly backed up and are continuously tested for restoration.


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