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Business processing is the core of managing our business - so we manage it seriously. We went through the pain of our own BPO pilot program to bring our operational excellence to you. We know what works and what doesn't. In a global economy, the winning service providers are those who offer the best managed global delivery capabilities. Let our success be your success."

-Ranjini Poddar, President, Artech

Today's organizations are demanding new, less risky options for applications that are strategic, complex, or mission-critical, while still taking cost into consideration. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has moved from a niche technology management tool to a mainstream strategic weapon that Artech can help your company utilize. The basis behind BPO is the act of transferring some or all of your organization's repeated non-core and core business processes to an outside provider to achieve cost reductions while improving service quality through re-engineering the way the process was traditionally done. Artech can help you improve the quality of your business processes while managing your bottom line.

Artech has utilized its own BPO services successfully since 2003 enabling Artech to continue to grow at an average rate of 40% annually. Artech currently provides BPO services to Fortune 500 companies such as EDS, iFlex, Logica, and HP. Non-core business processes, such as human resources, finance and accounting, are critical, but also resource-intensive, time-consuming, and costly. Outsourcing improves operational efficiencies and drastically reduces costs without large, up-front capital investments.

Artech can provide quantifiable benefits through improved efficiencies, lower overhead, reduced payroll and benefit expenses, and fewer capital investments. Artech can help your organization manage non-core business processes so that you may focus on the more important strategic, revenue generating programs that create profitable growth and sustain business success. Artech provides your business the flexibility to respond to a rapidly changing marketplace and scale operations up or down as conditions dictate utilizing world-class technology. Partnering with Artech affords the following advantages to your organization:

Cost Savings
Artech provides lower personnel costs (such as payroll, benefits, taxes, recruitment, and training) and lower overhead (such as facilities, technology, maintenance, support, and payroll processing.)

Quality Improvement
Artech will engineer significant improvements in the quality of your business processes due to the expert staff involved, project management, the focus, and best practices utilized.

Educated Workforce
Artech enables your company to take advantage of educated staff, improved training and a large pool of talent with 24/7 global support. Artech's employees are fully trained on U.S. recruitment procedures and industry and cultural knowledge.

Revenue Enhancement
Artech can enhance your company's revenues through the benefits of improved focus on your core business.

Capital Efficiency
Artech's outsourcing services relieves some of the overhead expenditures for your company freeing up capital to be used in a more efficient way.



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