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BPO Model - Artech's Pilot Program

Artech has full understanding of the BPO process since Artech has gone through this exercise for its own operations and business. Artech understands that the critical success factor in managing and executing a successful transition enjoys a high correlation with knowledge transfer and its management thereafter. Artech places an incomparable emphasis on this tasks and responsibilities of knowledge acquisition and transfer.

Artech's BPO services can save medium to large-sized corporations, employing about 5,000 employees, an average cost benefit of $10 Million - $15 Million per year. The savings can vary from 40 - 60% of the total operational costs. By utilizing our own BPO services we have achieved a continued annual cost savings of 50% since 2003 when our BPO became fully operational.

Artech understands the objective of any Business Process transition to include:
Ensuring minimal disruption to the end-Customer's contact experience and seamless service delivery
Migrating processes to deliver existing quality levels
Aiming to surpass the existing levels and quality (per SLAs agreed)

The 5 key elements of transitioning a Business Process followed at Artech are:
Migration Planning
Process Understanding
Program Design and Development
Program Implementation

Based on our extensive experience in executing offshore project engagements, Artech recognizes the importance of managing the BPO transition such as:

Throughout the transition, Artech works to maximize service levels while minimizing disruptions. Communication plays an important role. The company uses a variety of communication tools to maintain an open flow of information to and from the client, client's process owners and Artech.

Public image:
Artech works with its clients to develop a joint communication strategy that ensures any announcements about the business relationship and benefits for employees, customers and the community are appropriate and timely.

Schedule needs:
Because timing is essential, we incorporate sound management techniques into each step of the process. These techniques involve the client's process owners and the relationship champions/owners early on, build commitment to deadlines and help control costs.

Manageable change:
Change is never easy, but it's a constant of life. Artech finds that most relationship stakeholders tend to go through the same four stages of behavior during a change: denial, resistance, exploration and renewal. The company's managed approach to change has helped our clients to move from denial to renewal faster. This approach leads to higher levels of productivity and effectiveness.



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