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Our infrastructure includes a network of 350-networked workstations with Multi-shift operation. Our facility is deployed on our redundant, robust and high available cluster of servers within the Artech India & Artech US data-centers consisting Secured VPN connectivity, Redundant T1 Lines with BGP routing.

The infrastructure provided includes: 

  • High Availability Servers
  • Fast Networks
  • Data Protection
  • Real Time Data Backup
  • Fool-proof security of servers
  • Server Deployment, Resource allocation, Server Monitoring


Additional Server can be added live into this configuration at anytime to increase the capacity. Each node is minimum of:

Xeon 3.0 GHz Single CPU
With RAID L1
Multiple LAN Cards – bonded together for fault tolerance
Redundant SMPS power supply
Windows 2003 Enterprise and Standard editions

Lotus Domino as Email Server in a clustered environment.


Intel P-IV 3 Ghz, 512 MB RAM with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows XP Professional operating systems.

Fast Networks

Artech’s network is divided into three Zones – Internal, External and DMZ.

LAN: - Artech India implemented Gigabyte network consisting of Layer 3 and Layer 2 switches with VLANs.

WAN: - Artech India is having two dedicated Internet leased line with BGP routing.

24 x 7 Support/Monitoring

An effective monitoring system is extremely crucial for ensuring maximum uptime. Our monitoring systems and tools provide our system administrators with an all-encompassing view into the health of our distributed infrastructure. We monitor a large number of parameters related to the health of our servers and individual services that reside on them. Services monitored include:

Network Connectivity
Server Disk Space Utilization
Server CPU Utilization
Server Memory Utilization
Web Services Availability - HTTP, HTTPS & FTP
Email Services Availability - SMTP, POP & IMAP
Database Services
DNS Services
Log Files

If any server or service fails, or any resource utilization exceeds specified limits, then a notification is received by our Infrastructure Monitoring Staff. The notification system also handles escalation of issues i.e. if the issue is not resolved within 'x' minutes, SMS alerts are sent out to higher-level system administrators, and subsequently to Management.

All of this allows us to detect and resolve any issue within minutes of it happening and ensures maximum uptime for our end users.


Security is an ongoing activity for the administrators. Security covers

Privacy- Information within our infrastructure and systems will only be accessible by authorized users

Integrity - Data and information with our infrastructure cannot be tampered with by any unauthorized user

Data Protection - Data within the systems cannot be harmed, deleted or destroyed. Strict control on Entry/Exit of Media. Real Time Data backup on LTO Media using Veritas.

Identification and Authentication - Ensures that any user of the system is who he / she claims to be and eliminates chances of impersonation

Firewalls – Artech India is having Watch Guard Peak series hardware firewall for Intrusion Detection and Prevention. Barracuda Spam and Antivirus Firewall for E-Mail Server.




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