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Quality takes you on the top. Artech considers quality to be a strong focus area in the entire Project Management process. Artech maintains a balance in providing quality to each sector, because if quality is maintained one can easily asure his/her success parameters.

Artech’s quality management process has been optimized to provide effective quality control with the least amount of project overhead. Artech's internal quality processes are defined by our SEPG (Software Engineering Process Group) as per SEI-CMM standards.

Quality parameters require an orientation which not only differentiates the company from its competitors but also provides its clients with a matured project management methodology and practices.

Our development center in India is an ISO 9001 certified organization. Further Booz, Allen & Hamilton is currently auditing Artech's domestic practices for a SEI-CMM Level 3 certification while Bearing Point is evaluating the company's India operations for a SEI-CMM Level 4 certification.

Quality Management



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