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Ever since the invention of the wheel, no other invention has integrated nations and shrunk borders like the World Wide Web. Today's technology enables us to synergise with qualified service providers across borders to deliver to our customers the unique advantage of an ISO 9001 certified development and data center.

This center, located in New Delhi, India, is staffed with quality conscious technology professionals dedicated to designing, delivering and supporting mission critical applications. An independent profit center, this development center has made "IT" happen for a majority of our Fortune 1000 customers. From Mainframe applications to applications design on three-tier architecture, Artech has delivered the distinct cost advantage repeatedly and in every stage of the development life cycle.

The Off-Shore Development Center's services include analysis, design, development, implementation, maintenance and continued support. Based on our customers' preferences and requirements, all or parts of the Off-Shore Development software life cycle can be performed on-line, via a dedicated satellite communications link, or off-line using quick and effective file transfer mechanisms such as FTP over Internet. Over the years our Fortune 1000 customers have found Artech's Off-Shore Advantage to be well-organized, efficient and an affordable alternative.



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